Very Berry Goodness.

Burleigh Wild Berry – IPA

I’ve always known Burleigh Brewing to be reliable for a good beer, but I was very surprised to learn that they’d been pumping out beers for almost 20 years! Located on the Gold Coast, they’ve somewhat paved the way for other big hitters such as Balter, Black Hops, Currumbin Valley, and a few others. This doesn’t mean their job is done though, and their Wild Berry IPA makes a statement of just that.

The aroma from this beer comes across with a nice blackberry hit which is complimented with some light cherry notes behind it. So with the smell giving you those berry flavours, the taste is where the wild comes. I took a sip and had to double check it wasn’t a sour IPA, but there is not mention of that. I say this because I picked up a nice and subtle sourness that came with the cherry flavour. That sourness stays quite subtle and doesn’t hang around for long, with the lactose mellowing that out to a nice and sweet berry IPA.

At 6.8%, a few of these on ice are alarmingly easy to drink. The Wild Berry from Burleigh does a great job of having a sweeter style IPA without making it sickly sweet, instead creating an IPA that has a pretty low bitterness with a great berry flavour that is pretty sessionable.

If you’re an IPA drinker that wants to start getting into sours then this is something I’d definitely recommend. While it definitely isn’t a sour, it has several elements which gives a slight sour feel to it, while remaining an IPA. In conclusion, I’ve since bought a 4-pack to add to my beer fridge so I have some on hand for a relaxing drink.

– Joshua King



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