The making of something berry good.

Like so many other things, it all started with love. Beer has accompanied our interests for a good while, and finally we at Beyond Beer Co have decided to take on a new journey to spread our love and appreciation of beer! What better way to express our admiration for beer than to brew our very own? So this lead us to ask our good friends at Soapbox for help. Thankfully they were very accommodating and agreed to help us brew our very first beer to help express what our business is about, and to cooperate with us in our grand launch party.

We met with the guys at Soapbox and immediately hit our first hurdle, our idea of brewing a form of Milkshake IPA met with the realisation that they had not made a beer of that kind before. However, their head brewer Greg swooped in for the rescue! He eagerly took on this quest with resolve and dedication! All of a sudden, things were falling into place, we had a brewery, we had the mastermind, all that was left was to actually roll up our sleeves and get brewing. 

Thanks to Greg we had all our measurements sorted, so with his guidance we managed to get all the necessities into the vat, and now the waiting game begins. From now we must wait 2 weeks until we can add a variety of berries to the mixture and start to create the beer of our dreams. 

So what’s next? Well, there are a plenitude of options, but I can speak for everyone at Beyond Beer when I say that the next step is to continue to shine a spotlight on the craft beer community. Brewing our own beer has been a huge learning experience, but it has not taken away from our overall objective of spreading the love and knowledge of beers of every style.

On this note, we look forward to sharing this journey with each and every one of you, and I’m excited to see where this takes us all. The search for amazing craft beers will never end, but it’s something that I hope we can do together. Hopefully, our very own beer turns some heads and maybe becomes your favourite, but if not, then as a team I’m sure we can discover some wonderful beers!

-BeyondBeer Team



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