May the Force be with you.
“Jedi Juice”

The first time I saw this beer, I was sitting in a small craft beer bar in Sydney trying a bunch of beers I’d never seen before and my eyes saw Jedi Juice on their list and as a Star Wars nerd I had to try it. So it is fair to say that nostalgia sold the beer for me, but the flavour convinced me to buy a it again and again…more than I’d like to put an actual number on.

Before even getting to the smell, the can makes a first great impression. The artwork gives a rock and roll version of the classic Princess Leia, which puts a smile on my face at the very least. The smell of the beer takes you away from the force and lightsabers, but rather gives you a hint of the hoppyness that awaits you, along with some prominent citrus scents and some mango lingering in the background.

Grapefruit and mango are the front runners in the flavours you’ll experience with this beer, and a pleasant bittersweet aftertaste is what rounds it out nicely. I’d describe this NEIPA as incredibly juicy in all the right ways, and incredibly sessionable considering that is rounds out at 7.1%. With Jedi Juice being so easy to drink and juicy, I would categorise it as a good entry level NEIPA for someone new to the beer genre.

All in all, if I saw this at a bar, “I’d-bi-wan” (sorry, I couldn’t get through this whole review without at least the one bad pun).
For real though, it’s a sessionable and juicy NEIPA that has gotten plenty of attention, and plenty of positive feedback, and I can definitely see why. 10 points to Hop Nation Brewing Co.

– Joshua King



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