Currumbin Valley Review

Grape Bubblegum SourĀ 

Tucked away on one of the founder’s private properties, the guys from Currumbin Valley have somehow flawlessly reincarnated the nostalgic flavours of a Grape flavoured Hubba Bubba with their Grape Bubblegum Sour. On the nose is predominantly cherry notes with a hint of grape following closely behind. It’s a very inviting smell, showcasing the sweetness and light nature of the beer.

From the first sip you quickly realise that there are no hidden secrets or unwelcome surprises, this beer is exactly what is says it is and stands proudly. Straight away you find that grape flavour you’ve been promised and shortly after get that sweetness associated with bubblegum. Incredibly, this is balanced perfectly with those sour undertones that you look for in a sour ale. Coming out a neat 5.0% makes this beer a great treat to give to yourself for any occasion.

Personally, I’m taken back to my highschool years, during the breaks having some Grape Hubba Bubba and playing soccer or handball with friends. This beer reminds me of many positive memories, and with it being so delicious, I’m certain that it will bring me many more.

– Beyond Beer Tasting Team