Crazy for the Hazy

“Hazy DC”

Balter Brewery opened up back in 2016, and in that short time they’ve become a very recognisable staple in pubs and bottle shops around Australia. They first took over the Gold Coast when they opened their brewery in Currumbin Waters, and didn’t take long until they were killing it all over Australia, and they’ve even made some waves internationally when they won AIBA’s award for Best International Pale Ale.

The latest beer from Balter, ‘Hazy-DC’, isn’t just a fun play on words, but a nice nod to the great hops that Australia has! This hazy IPA promises puts the spotlight on three of Australia’s most sought after hop varietals, Galaxy, Vic Secret, and Enigma. (If you’d like me to go into hop varietals more then let me know in the comments!)

Let’s get to the actual beer itself though! The aroma gives off some great galaxy hop vibes that bring forward a lovely passion fruit scent, along with some hints of pineapple that radiate from the Vic Secret hops.

Upon tasting the beer, the pineapple takes a front seat with the passionfruit riding in the back! There are some hints of mango and even some white grape flavours which I suspect are coming from the Enigma hops. Overall, I get that great hoppy bitterness that I’d associate with an IPA, which is balanced beautifully with those great Australian flavours that remind you of summer.

I look forward to having a few of these in between games of backyard cricket this summer! Awesome job again from Balter!

– Joshua King



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