Counter Culture Continues to Captivate

“So Long Darkness”

“Counter Culture Continues to Captivate” Stone and Wood needs no introduction, they’ve taken the mantle across the country in many bars as the most requested beer with their Pacific Ale. I’m not here to talk about the beer everyone knows about though, not even to talk about Stone and Wood, per se, but rather their Pilot Batch Series side project. Earlier this week they dropped their 4th release “So Long Darkness”.

So Long Darkness is a take on a stout that I personally haven’t seen before. I’ve had white stouts before, but this is something they are calling an Invisible Stout? What this means is that it lacks any signs that it’s a stout, but rather looks like a pale ale.  The trickery doesn’t go beyond the appearance however, while it may be invisible to the eye that it is a stout, the nose sees right through the illusion. Strong notes of coffee and vanilla are the first things you notice, along with some dark chocolate and a hint of nutmeg even. It’s a very rich and comforting smell even for myself who isn’t the biggest fan of stouts.

As for taste, a near perfect blend of the bitterness from the coffee and that sweetness of vanilla is immediate and makes you crave a second sip instantly. That extra dose will highlight a rich, dark chocolate background to the beer that only lifts it higher. Overall, even without the gimmick of being an ‘invisible stout’, this beer would be great and I’d happily recommend it to anyone. As someone who rarely looks at the dark beer section of local bottle shop, I’ll definitely be checking there for more of these

– Joshua King



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